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Hot Tub Gazebos
To enjoy a hot tub year round, in any climate, place your spa inside a gazebo. Keep out the wind, rain and snow by installing a window package; this will add privacy when you're in the spa as well as security when you are away from your home. Your hot tub will remain in pristine condition not being exposed to the elements, the cover will last longer, and your chemicals and accessories can be left close by as well.

Countryside Gazebos has many designs that will compliment the varying sizes and shapes of spas available. We also offer custom designs as well. A popular sized gazebo is the 12'x18' model, it easily accommodates a 7'x7' or an 8'x8' hot tub. Having extra room inside the gazebo is always ideal for a seating arrangement possibly even a dining area. Consult with a Countryside Gazebos expert today, they will be happy to help you to design the perfect space for you and your family.

In terms of available options, the most popular for a hot tub gazebo has always been the vinyl four track window system. Installed inside the gazebo, the window package mounts securely to the wall sections offering floor to ceiling views of the surrounding landscape. You may select from either clear or smoke vinyl window film to create the perfect space.

Another popular feature is the Pagoda style roof. The raised roof design allows for year round ventilation. In the winter, steam that builds up from the heat of the spa in colder climates will escape through these vents. In the summer, your gazebo will be more comfortable as well. The raised roof section draws out the warmer air and makes the space cooler inside.

It is not suggested to have a ceiling fan over a hot tub, but if the gazebo is large enough you can shift the fan to the opposite side away from the spa. With the blades set on reverse, the fan will draw the warm air in the room upward and force it out the vents overhead, effectively cooling the air inside. A ceiling fan with a heating unit will throw off enough heat to take off the bite as you exit your spa in colder temperatures.

If your goal is to maintain steam inside of the gazebo, select a standard single roof and lift shut the vinyl windows to trap the air. If it is cold enough outside, the gazebo will become densely fogged quickly.

Special Features
A special feature to consider adding is a removable post. Installing one of these in your gazebo allows you to add or remove a hot tub easily at a later date. Remove the screws that fasten the upper and lower railings and "Voila!", the post lifts out to create the space you need to easily move in or out larger items that would not fit through the door

Another nice feature to add in your gazebo, is a low voltage line over the wall sections under the roof rafters of your gazebo. This will allow you to then run low voltage lighting. The subtle glow the lights will cast looks great and illuminates the inside of the gazebo as well. We recommend that you choose low voltage lights that come with a glass face over lights that cast the light downward. This allows the lighting to illuminate the gazebo better.

Bringing Your Hot Tub Gazebo Home
Before you install the hot tub inside the gazebo, stop by your local home center and pick up some indoor/outdoor carpeting. Adding carpeting really "cozies" up the space, and finishes it off. When the time comes to bring in the spa, use 2" p.v.c. pipe to roll the hot tub into place easily. This tip will save you the frustration of having the carpeting shifting as the tub is moved in.

Allow enough space on the back wall of the gazebo so that the cover lifter can operate properly. Most cover lifters need 12"-16" behind the spa so the cover can stow while you are enjoying your hot tub. Do not shift the spa to one side of the gazebo. If you do this, you will have to get inside the spa to clean the waterline. Centering the spa in the gazebo allows for easier servicing and cleaning when you are able to walk around the tub easily.

Finally, make sure the access panel is easily accessible should you ever need to service your spa in the event of a problem. Having the removable access door facing the seating area in the gazebo will make this task much easier for you or the technician.

Spas typically run on a 40A, 50A, or the most common, a 60A circuit. A special 220V line must be run from your home's service panel to a safety disconnect located close to the spa. The safety disconnect will have a 60A GFCI breaker inside. From this box there will be a line leading to the spa. The last few feet will have a flexible "whip" that is inserted into the spa. The wires inside the whip are hardwired directly to the spa pack. Check with your local building department to determine the proximity of the disconnect relative to the spa. A distance of more than 6' but less than 10' is common.

Finally, be sure to label the disconnect "Spa Shut Off", so guests and service technicians know where to shut off the power in the event of an emergency or for spa servicing.

For more information visit or call 888-KIT-GZBO to speak with a Countryside representative today.


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